A Message From The President

final_logo_smallerI have been with BAAC since it began in 2007. We built this organization around two of the things that are most important to us, animals and riding!! The riding goes without saying but the animals, well that is a whole other conversation. I can tell you that we are blessed with the very best members and volunteers. We all came together and formed a family. This family has grown thru the years and continues to get larger with each passing year. We are a family that works together, to stop the senseless victimization of innocent animals. Every day there are countless assaults on the voiceless victims of animal abuse and neglect.

Animals left so weak from no food or water, or animals who need vetting, or even worse, those intentionally abused and hurt by the exact people who are trusted to care for them. There is so much of this that even today, we are overwhelmed by the need. Intervention, education and active participation in both these things are important elements in solving this ongoing problem. BUT one of the most important pieces to this puzzle, is getting the victims healthy again. Without our help, most of these animals will get euthanized, killed just for being a victim. Every penny we bring in goes directly to helping these victims. They never asked for the abuse but they took it and they still give us love, unconditionally. They wag their tails or peer thru their tearful eyes into our hearts. Our hearts that are filled with nothing but love, respect and humanity for these gentle souls. We as humans can learn from our furry friends, if we just listen with our hearts.