1st event in 2018 is our famous Bowling Fundraiser on 1/27/18 Click the calendar below for more information

B.A.A.C. provides funding to aid in urgent medical care for victims of animal cruelty. Our guidelines are that the victims be owner less and our donation is sent directly to the treating medical facility.  We help all kinds of animals, not only dogs and cats.  B.A.A.C. also offers a program called ‘Speuter’ which provides funding for spay/neuter surgery to families in financial need.  We recognize animal cruelty takes place in so many aspects of everyday life, from the factory farming industry to fur/leather to animal testing, entertainment and many, many more and sadly we cannot reach all of these, but we do what we can to help with every case that is brought to us.  

Because animal cruelty and neglect is so big, we encourage everyone do what they can by  being a voice for the voiceless and helpless. Do not stay silent, speak up and report – it’s okay if you are wrong in your suspicion – it’s better to speak up than ignore.  Learn laws in your State/Town, write to your legislators if you feel laws should be stronger. Spread awareness & education – many people in the community do not realize they are being neglectful to their pet. Pet ownership traits are multi generational – it’s how mom and dad did it, so it must be right. Be a pest, if you go through the right channels to report abuse and not getting anywhere with the police or animal control officer, go to the Chief of police, the Department of Agriculture and if that doesn’t work – hit the media!  There is strength in numbers – fight and don’t give up! 

North Branford Potato and Corn Festival – August 6-9 2015

 Hosted by BAACpoco

Come visit B.A.A.C. at our booth and say hi, also check out our large inventory of awesome apparel and items. Enjoy this Great Event with Family and Friends, there’s plenty of fun and food for everyone……..Thursday and Friday, 4-11: pm- Saturday, 9: am-11: pm- Sunday, 9: am-6: pm–Augur Field, (Rt. 22) 1332 Middletown Ave Northford, CT 06472. See you there! Also don’t forget to pick up a few raffle tickets to win our Fender Guitar personally autographed by the Goo Goo Dolls…..

8th Annual Motorcycle Rally & Pet Adoption Event- Sunday, August 30 2015

RALLY jpgHosted by B.A.A.C.                                                                                                                                                  Come on up for this Great Event and enjoy an afternoon of fun for the whole family and friends, bring your pets, theirs plenty to enjoy – Great entertainment! Live bands- Motorcycle games – food – venders – games – prizes – and of course Pets available for adoption – Visit the B.A.A.C. booths for a full lineup of awesome apparel and items – Donations of Pet food and Pet supplies are most welcome and would go a long way to help those in need-also don’t forget to pick up a few raffle tickets for a chance to win our personally autographed fender guitar by the Goo Goo Dolls-hours are 1:pm-6:pm at PNA Park 171 N. Plains Highway (Industrial Rd) Wallingford, CT.