Bikers Against Animal Cruelty
Vanessa L.

My mom asked me if I wanted to write an essay about what being a responsible pet owner is, and I said
sure, because it is very important. I don't even care about the prizes...I just want people to treat their
animals they way they should. (ok, I care about the prizes, but I care about the animals MORE!) The
most important thing to give your cat or dog or bird or any pet, really, is to give it love. If it has love, it is
happy, and if you love your pet, you will take good care of it. If they are happy, life is good all around!

You always need to take care of your pet, and that means, feeding it, walking it, playing with it, and to
make sure it gets to the vet for all the shots and medicine it may ever need, or to keep it from getting
sick. Please give your pets food, water, a warm place to sleep, a warm place to live, and a good home.
Give it lots of love. I treat mine like my baby. I cuddle them. I talk to them. I love them like they are my
brothers or sisters, even though I call my cat Roxie my "baby". I am her Mama, and I love her. Dora, my
black and white cat is happy when she is purring. Oz, my dog, likes to cuddle. Jennifer, my rabbit, loves
carrots and kisses.

I know that my pets are happy because I keep them healthy, and when the cuddle up next to me and
purr, or when the dog kisses me, or when they sleep with me, I know they are living a good life, just like
me. I am going to be a veterinarian when I am older because I want to help animals, and I want to help
others to take care of, and love their animals like they are their children!

David B.

There are many ways I could be a responsible pet owner. The thing I would do first is walk my pit bull
everyday. Second, I would feed him everyday. Third, I would give my dog a bath two times a month.
Fourth, I would take my dog to the vet for a checkup. I know that I should brush him everyday and every
month do he will be clean. I know that keeping up with his shots is very important to his health.   Today I
talked about many ways that I could be a responsible pet owner. I talked about walking my dog, feeding
him, giving him a bath and making sure he is healthy. Now you know how much I really love my pit bull.