Bikers Against Animal Cruelty - Max

Attached is a recent picture of our baby Max. He has become part of our family seamlessly. He
recovered very well from his surgery in a very short period of time. He is now eating regular dog food
and runs free in our backyard with our other babies. Since he now feels much better and much safer,
his little personality has shined through. He loves to snuggle and chase the cat (who loves him-
really!). Our other Chihuahua Tini has grown to love him and they snuggle in a Chihuahua pile all
day! The other dogs have also grown to love him and it’s as if he’s been there all along. Fortunately,
we had quite an outpouring of monetary support for Max as well as moral support. It’s amazing to see
people help when it comes to a sweet little animal like Max. We are very lucky to have been able to
help him. My husband and I couldn’t be happier as Max has completed our family and given us more
joy than we could ever ask for. Thank you and take care!