Bikers Against Animal Cruelty - Surveillance System
On January 24th, 2007, Game, the Pit Bull, was stolen from the New Haven Shelter.  The fear of what
he would be used for prompted members of the forum (now the Bikers Against
Animal Cruelty forum), to collaborate and sponsor a Cinco de Mayo party to purchase a camera
surveillance system for the shelter so that this sort of mishap can be deterred in the future.  Nearly a
year later, on February 9th, 2008, that camera system has been successfully installed and is fully
operational with a color monitor!  Special thanks go to B.A.A.C.ʼs very own Mike Shea for his donated
time and expertise getting the system installed!

UPDATE!  A note from  Officer Johnson at NHAS:

We certainly appreciate the surveillance system. We hadn't had any thefts of animals for quite some
time and the system is beneficial as we are able to view the public as they are visiting with the animals
in the kennels .The camera has allowed us to catch a few people harassing the dogs. We are also
able to view the dogs in their kennels, so we can see who is jumping or trying to get out.

I was a little apprehensive about the surveillance system at first because I didn't think we would be able
to monitor the activity but it has proven to be more of an asset than a burden. I love the system and
can't imagine not having one in the shelter. I will be requesting some monies from the city to see if we
could get more cameras to catch more areas of the shelter.

Thanks so much - Officer Stephani Johnson OIC/ACO NHAS