About Us


Our Motto:                   To Say Nothing, To Do Nothing, Stops Nothing..

Our Mission: Bikers Against Animal Cruelty, Inc (B.A.A.C.) is an organized group of compassionate motorcycle enthusiasts who advocate against animal cruelty and neglect, promote responsible pet ownership and help to defray costs of emergency veterinary care for the voiceless victims of animal cruelty and neglect.
Our Vision: To encourage a world where animals are treated with respect and dignity.
Our Core Values: We do what we can to aid and advocate for animals in need with trust, integrity, honesty, respect, simplicity, and synergy.

Before BAAC was formed, a group of about 22 biker friends would periodically have parties and fundraisers to raise money and collect “shelter items” for the benefit of local animal shelters and rescues.  The items were used to help accommodate animals housed in their facilities more comfortably and to supply the workers with the necessary equipment to give these animals the best care possible.  Realizing there was a growing trend of biker support for the abused, neglected and unwanted pets at these parties, and no specific biker group in existence to help them, founders Cindy and VJ Peregolise, Jr. worked tirelessly with their group of friends who already supported their efforts and cause, to get this started. Please enjoy this short promotional clip from our founders in the beginning…..                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The public outrage of the 2007 Michael Vick animal cruelty case amplified the need to help spread awareness of the daily abuse inflicted on innocent animals who do not dictate their own lives. The members collaborated about developing a non-profit organization that would represent all that we are compassionate about; motorcycles and animal welfare.  Individually, we may be able to help one animal here or there, but through a group effort, we will be able to help many.  With the first initial meeting, September 22, 2007, Bikers Against Animal Cruelty (B.A.A.C.) was founded.

BAAC is not a rescue group but we work with many different rescue organizations. Through our volunteer efforts we strive to improve the lives of abused, neglected and unwanted animals everywhere through financial and material support, public outreach and education.  The main goals of BAAC are to bring awareness to the general public of the different types of abuse and cruelty; advocate for animal welfare; and educate on responsible pet ownership.  Through our awareness efforts, we try to significantly decrease the number of unnecessary animal abuse and cruelty cases.

The primary mission of our fundraising activities is to help defray the costs of veterinary care for the most severe cases of animal abuse and neglect of strays or surrendered pets on a case-by-case need.

BAAC supports those domestic animals that have no one else looking out for them. BAAC also helps with the overpopulation of these animals by our Spueter program which helps low-income households to spay or neuter their animals by paying for it

We are a nonprofit organization, 501c3, and we are run completely by volunteers so every penny we raise, goes straight to our cause. We are proud to say we have helped hundreds of animals, from the pig that fell off the slaughter truck, to the town goose who someone shot with a bow and arrow and everything in between.

Meet the President:IMG_2494   


I became a member of B.A.A.C. in 2012 and from that moment I knew I was where I belonged. Currently B.A.A.C has just over 50 active members as well as many volunteers and I have to say they are some of the finest people I know. Like most, we work full-time jobs and we have spouses, children, families, pets and obligations that fill our remaining free time, yet we still find time to answer daily emails, attend monthly meetings and give hours on Saturdays and Sundays to help animals in need. It’s an honor to be involved with such an outstanding group for such a critical cause. For me, it started on March 24, 2010 when my wife and I adopted a dog from TN, that we named ‘Memphis’. We had no idea that a Parvo (Canine Parvovirus) surviving pup would turn our world right side up from that point forward! Within the first couple of weeks of having Memphis we were volunteering with dog rescue which opened our eyes to an entire new world. The reality of homelessness, cruelty and neglect was palpable and there was no way I could sit back hoping that someone would do something. It was too urgent, too meaningful and my morals (and wife) wouldn’t allow it. So when I heard of B.A.A.C. I knew I needed to join. In my opinion animals are completely and utterly defenseless against humans. Imagine being alone, scared, unable to communicate your needs or understand the language and all you can do is trust that strangers will have your best interests in mind to care for you, feed you, keep you safe, healthy and free from harm by their hand or anyone else’s. That utter helplessness is what keeps myself and the rest of our members fighting. Awareness and education are very powerful tools. All too often people tell us “I don’t want to know, it’s too sad” or “I can’t even watch those commercials” or “I can’t look at those posts” and we get it, there are many sleepless nights across this organization. But ignoring a problem only empowers it. Turning our back, closing our eyes and pretending it does not exist might be a nice existence, but it’s not reality, and doing so will never stop the suffering, neglect or the torment. Ignoring this problem enables the guilty and silences the victims. That is why B.A.A.C.’s motto is ‘To Say Nothing, To Do Nothing, Stops Nothing’. We give everything we have to our mission in the hopes that one day; there will not be a need for groups like us, that one day animal cruelty will be regarded as one of history’s greatest tragedies. But that can only be accomplished when people start to care, speak up and take action. Check with your local community or government to see what you can do to help, believe me, they can use it.

Best Regards,

Greg Belcher

President, B.A.A.C


Not sure if what you are seeing is animal cruelty?

Report it anyway! Become familiar with the laws of your State so you know what is right and/or put the problem in the hands of the professionals. After all, it’s better to have done everything you could to bring attention to a matter and be wrong than leave an animal to fend for itself.  Animal cruelty can be found in many aspects of every day life from direct (deliberate) to indirect (neglect) by the hands of the most awful people to the  uneducated. Some (not all) of the different areas in which animal cruelty MAY take place shown below.

  • Entertainment: Rodeo / Racing / TV / Movie / Zoo / Circus
  • Environment: Development / Ecosystem / Pollution
  • Farming: Factory / Meat / Dairy
  • Fighting: Cock / Dog
  • Food: Ingredients / Farming / Dairy / Meat
  • Personal: Companion / Service / Breeders / Pet Stores
  • Products: Clothing / Oils / Skin / Fur / Beauty Products
  • Research: Medical / Pharmaceutical / Products / Psychological
  • Sport: Hunting / Fishing / Poaching
  • Testing: Product / Food / Cosmetic / Weapons

In an ideal world, B.A.A.C. would be able to help all the animals in need- better yet, animal cruelty would not even exist. But that isn’t reality. So, that leaves us a choice. We could throw our hands up in defeat because the problem is too large, or everyone can do something to chip away the pieces of the pie. Our members are not all perfect citizens. Some of us are vegan, some vegetarian and some are neither, yet each one of us gives our all to the mission we so proudly support. We do our very best with our piece of the pie by helping the cases that are brought to us. Our personal preferences do not stop us from helping the dog that was burned for fun, or the cat thrown out the window on  I-84E and many other disgusting and horrific cases of animal abuse that come to us.

B.A.A.C. started in 2007 as a grassroots effort focused on providing supplies to shelter animals and financial assistance for cruelty victims to receive life saving medical treatment. All the animals that we aid are in the care of rescues that rely on donations to sustain their efforts. Medical care can be very expensive and many non-profit groups have limited funding so they reach out to organizations like ours that are in place to help offset those costs.

Since its inception, B.A.A.C. has helped dogs, cats, horses, pigs and birds receive urgent medical care. Its members have also made new town animal control signs and made needed building repairs on shelters/rescues. It has also provided supplies such as cleaning products, food, and blankets to shelters/rescues; donated food to members of the community who could not afford to feed their pets; provided funding to families in need so they could get their pet spay/neuter surgery; attended multiple court cases in support of the animal that was preyed upon, abused, and/or killed at the hands of humans, helped with donation drives during natural disasters, and has helped spread education and awareness.

We encourage everyone to do what they can – be a voice for the voiceless! Do not stay silent. Speak up, ask questions, learn, educate, and spread awareness -and one day organizations like ours will not need to exist.